Teaching Experience

As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace. As an environmentalist, I am truly passionate about teaching environmental topics. It is a wonderful experience for me to teach and talk about our beautiful planet to students with different levels of education. I enjoy engaging and motivating them to learn these topics helping them to develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of a different and turbulent century ahead.

Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant - Purdue University

Course: Environmental Soil Chemistry
This course is designed as an upper-level introductory course covering environmental soil chemistry concepts in framework most applicable to inorganic and organic chemical contamination of soil and water resources and intended for students in environmental science fields that may not have a strong chemistry and/or math background. Learn the fundamental properties and processes responsible for the environmental fate of contaminants in the soil-water environment with emphasis on soil and solution chemistry.
• Was responsible for teaching and supervision of all laboratory activities including all experimental procedures and calculations involved in each experiment.
• Taught students how to work with analytical instruments including chromatographs (e.g. GC and HPLC), titrators, and spectrometers (e.g. AAS and UV/Vis).
• Maintained the course graded assignments, lab reports, and term projects.

Fall 2014 Spring 2015

Teaching Assistant - University of Tehran

• Courses: Solid Waste Management & Recovering Waste to Energy
• Taught graduate level classes of 15+ students.
• Maintained the course homepage and graded assignments, term projects, and exams.

2011 2012

Teacher - Hedayat Public Exemplary High School

• Courses: Differential Calculus & Advanced English
• Taught high school level classes of 25+ students.
• Devised and implemented high school curriculum in accordance to the school’s protocols.

2011 2012

Senior Lecturer - Ghalamchi Educational Foundation

Kanoon Farhangi Amoozesh is a private organization in Iran’s educational sector founded by Kazem Ghalamchi offering a wide range of educational products and services such as bi-weekly exams, personal tutoring and educational books to 450,000 students all around the country who are competing on the Competitive examination for university seats.
• Lectured classes of 50+ students and parents to improve their performance in University Entry Exam.
• Held tutorial classes of a large variety of topics for selected pre-university students.