Working Experience

2017 present

Founder - Guided Crowd Translation (Non-Profitable Movement)

"Environmentalism" is an ideology that evokes the necessity and responsibility of humans to respect, protect, and preserve the natural world from its anthropogenic afflictions. Environmental awareness is an integral part of the Environmentalism’s success. In this regard, in 2017, I started a guided crowd translation project in order to increase the environmental awareness in developing countries such as Iran where people are suffering from different types of environmental issues, one of the most important reasons of which is lack of environmental awareness. Leading environmental books are being translated in an organized manner to spread the idea of environmentalism. List of Books:
• EarthEd: Rethinking Education on a Changing Planet by The Worldwatch Institute

2016 present

Environmental Consultant (Advisor) - XSEALD

XSEALD is a private studio for X concepts for humanity, and future. The name itself is the acronym of X Studio of Environment-Energy and Aerodynamics Lead Design. Gathering information, assembly the ideas, and making a new concept is vitally centered. Addressing the environmental damage, renewable energy, and advanced concepts for certain fields are the essence of this green studio.

2015 2016

Founder and CEO -

Founded by a small group of great minds in Tehran, CIVILBOARD was the national leader in digital performance advertising for construction owners, contractors, builders, and remodelers. Whether people are self-employed contractors or run a large-scale commercial building business, effective advertising and promotion are key to making their company a regional household name. We believed increased exposure through effective advertising can increase profits, generate exposure for growth and help land bigger projects and contracts, all of which will help their outfit thrive in this ultra-competitive industry. This is what we did in CIVILBOARD by creating the finest group of creative and technical minds and tasking them with building excellence in technical marketing, excellence in creative, excellence in technology, and excellence in the Ad experience.

2015 2016

Co-Founder and Project Manager - Kian Raad Engineering and Construction Group

"Kian Raad" group was a privately held engineering and construction company providing design, management, and construction services to develop and build projects for customers in Tehran.
• Managed 5+ civil engineers and 10+ construction workers.
• Designed and drafted residential steel and concrete structures.
• Provided technical advice regarding design, construction or program modifications and waste management to industrial and managerial contractors.


Research and Development Engineer - Ajhirak Engineering and Construction Group

• Was responsible for developing and identifying new service in integrated waste management of industrial plants.
In Geotechnical Laboratory of Azhirak Sazeh Engineering and Construction Group:
• Organized a scope of work according to the project specification and objectives.
• Performed laboratory experiments utilizing standard techniques and equipment.
• Processed, organized and summarized data, reporting experiment results using a variety of scientific, word processing, spreadsheet or program platforms.


Content Development Manager - Bi-Language

• Created online content strategy on business objectives and customer needs.
• Developed creative solutions for content presentation, management, workflow and maintenance.
• Worked cooperatively with key team members.
• Suggested and created digital marketing strategies and tactical plans.


Structural Engineer Intern - Tehran Municipality Engineering Council

• Worked as residential construction cost estimator.
• Prepared construction budget by identifying and projecting costs for each elevation
• Designed and drafted residential steel and concrete structures.