Research Experience

My research topics at Purdue University, as The Ecological Sciences and Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Program provides students, integrate “engineering” and “science” concepts to solve major environmental problems using an ecological approach. My research emphasis is on understanding the processes that govern environmental fate, occurrence, and remediation of contaminants such as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and Chemicals of Emerging Concern (CECs) in soils, sediments, biosolids, streams, and groundwater for use in mitigating contamination, decision tools and management guidelines for governmental, industrial, and agricultural settings.

As a Research Assistant, I am honored to work with a lot of highly prestigious interdisciplinary national and international organizations and agencies, a selected list of which can be seen here:


Environmental Fate & Chemistry Lab - Purdue University

• Fate, characterization, and remediation of halogenated alkyls compounds (chlorinated solvents or per/polyfluorinated alkyl substances).
• Physical-chemical processes related to the field-scale application of technologies for subsurface remediation.


Particle Transport & Soil Remediation Lab - University of Tehran

• Studied the application of different supplementary materials on fate and transport of graphene and graphene oxide.
• Developed laboratory scale approaches in remediation of contaminated soils.
• Analyzed different computer models to estimate emission rates for total landfill gas from municipal solid waste landfills.


Biomass & Waste to Energy Lab - University of Tehran

• Investigated the effect of thermal hydrolysis on anaerobic digester performance.
• Studied the application of analytic hierarchy process, multi criteria decision analysis and life cycle assessment on municipal waste
management and waste to energy approaches.